About Us

Patrick Sellers, owner and president of Jacksonville Florida based AquaticPro Solutions, began as an aquarium hobbyist. What started as an enjoyable hobby, over 12 years ago, has turned into a full-time passion to help others establish the ocean’s beauty in their own unique space.

Patrick began his career installing and maintaining air conditioning units. Interestingly enough, he soon learned his mechanical and electrical skills were well suited for designing and building aquarium systems as well as problem solving elusive tank and system issues.

Today, Patrick enjoys operating AquaticPro Solutions, which allows him to share his enthusiasm and experience of marine aquatics with his customers and clients.
AquaticPro Solutions provides regular water change every 30-45 days. They take care of providing new fish and food for us. Our fish are like kids. AquaticPro Solutions are very prompt. When they say they are going to be here they are. They are very easy to work with. They are definitely great to work with and we trust them completely.

San Pablo (Jacksonville, FL)