A beautiful, healthy aquarium starts with good design and a clear understanding of what is needed to maintain the delicate balance of nature.

AquaticPro Solutions creates custom aquariums that provide lasting beauty while appropriately caring for the living creatures that call the aquarium their home. We can help you determine what type of tank and live stock best suit your style and then create an aquarium system that will support its unique needs for growth and long lasting beauty.

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We provide custom cabinetry that can match any décor and can show off the beauty of your aquarium.

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Aquascaping is landscaping for your aquarium. We have a special knack for creating eye-catching aquascapes that support quiet sleeping quarters for your fish and spectacular perches for your corals.

To support the preservation of the world’s natural reefs, AquaticPro Solutions offers LIVINGCOLOR synthetic coral and reef structures. These structures come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs to give your aquarium the look of the ocean. We can use LIVINGCOLOR corals in your existing tank or in a new aquarium design.

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AquaticPro Solutions provides all the equipment and supplies necessary to start and maintain your tank. We are also uniquely skilled at trouble-shooting and fixing system and equipment issues that arise from time to time.
Whether you are doing a fish only aquarium or combining fish and corals, we can help you choose the right living creatures for your tank. We know the importance of providing the right fish and/or coral mix to create a happy, healthy and balanced aquarium environment.

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